The Top Things to Do for Kids at Dream Valley Resort

The Top Things to Do for Kids at Dream Valley Resort

When you plan a trip to a resort with your family, it is essential to check whether the lodge has ample activities that will keep the children in the group entertained. For example, when you book a staycation or even a day's trip to Dream Valley Resort , you will find that the waterpark in the resort is the most attractive feature. Your children will have an excellent time sliding down the water slides or enjoying the false showers. Several things make Dream Valley a perfect place to take your children, and here are some of the best things to do with your kids in the resort.

Spend time in the waterpark with its polls, splash pads, and falls.

The waterpark is the central attraction of the Dream Valley Resort, and sliding down its numerous water slides is the most entertaining feature of the waterpark. There are several splash pads and smaller pools to keep even the younger children entertained. Keeping in mind the needs of children, you will find several splash pads and mushroom falls where the force and amount of water released are maintained at an optimum level so children can enjoy. At the same time, the pirate-themed section of the waterpark is one of the most exciting parts of the resort. You will find that the waterpark is the favourite of children and once you take them there, they will not want to leave it!

Does Dream Valley have specific water slides for children?

When it comes to the rides in the waterpark, you will find that there are slides that are designed for children. This is necessary because slides are often the most sought-after rides among children and adults. But in the Dream Valley waterpark, there are two parts: one dedicated to adults, and the other is the children's section. The children's areas have water games for 10-year-olds with slides designed for them. Here, you will find that children can easily climb up the stairs adjacent to the slide and slide down with the help of a rubber tube or even with the help of the flowing water. All the water slides are designed considering the specific requirements of children.

Pools for children

The kids' water games in Dream Valley Resort are all about fun and frolic and ensuring that you can beat the heat in the best way. If you are planning to take your children to Dream Valley in summer, then it is best that you spend most of the day in the water, as your children will love to play in the toddler pool and the slides along with it. This makes the slides and the water games associated with the pool perfect for young children. You need not worry about their safety, and you can enjoy watching them while you relax by the poolside.

Outdoor activities

Along with the waterpark at Dream Valley, your children can enjoy several outdoor activities. They can play cricket, football, volleyball, and badminton. The lush green lawns on the property are ideal for different sports activities, and if you have children and teenagers in your group, you can organise family sports events on the lawns


Dream Valley Resort is one of the best places to plan a staycation with your family. It is one of the few resorts in Hyderabad that is family and children-friendly. The theme and the resort's services are designed keeping families in mind. So, if you are planning a short weekend trip for your family this holiday season, you must check out the packages and the services offered by Dream Valley Resort.