10 ways to get rid of work-related stress

Work related stress is one of the most predominant factors of physical and mental trauma. It is a grave matter of concern!
Long working hours not only translate to hefty medical bills but also cast a shadow on personal life. The quality of life and relationships deteriorates. So how can you gain control over this situation before it completely overpowers your being?
Imagine yourself inside a pool or walking down a green path, wind flowing through your hair, your eyes glued to the sun setting in the horizon – doesn’t the thought itself make you feel light in the head?
Spending quality time with friends and family can alleviate stress and usher feel good factor. Here are 10 stress relieving ways or formulas to make your life anxiety free!

1. Choose the Perfect Stress Relieving Strategy

One of the most foolproof methods for reducing stress is a holiday plan! Take out time at least once a month to holiday with family and friends.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long vacation out of the country. Spending a peaceful weekend in a nearby location amidst the natural greens can provide true comfort and bliss.
Remember to choose a spot that facilitates unwinding and helps dissolve stress!

2. Physical Re-Charge

We all know exercising is important. A good exercise regimen makes you further resilient to stress. It can energise your body and senses and immediately alter your mood for the better.
But this stress relieving step may call for a complete lifestyle overhaul. It’s hard to fit fitness into our hectic professional routines.
Any holiday home which has cricket grounds and other outdoor activities could be the perfect getaway for you. Playing an outdoor game can help you spend quality time with loved ones, gain stamina, reboot, and recharge your entire system.

3. Catch up on Sleep

A well rested body has the potential to shoulder heavy responsibilities and manage stressful situations. Sleep often does not figure out in our schedules when meeting deadlines. But it is absolutely cardinal to promote productivity and critical thinking skills.
When work pressures hit the roof, take a break! Check into a luxurious, state-of-the-art room at a serene resort. The stress-free environment will calm your senses and catalyse sound sleep.

4. Grab Tea

We all have heard of yoga and meditation as stress relieving agents but did you know even tea can work the magic?
Specific teas such as herbal tea have the potential to strengthen your immune system, increase concentration, calm anxiety and elevate mood.
Throw pharmaceutical prescriptions in the bin. Put your feet up, breathe fresh air, order tea and say a goodbye to your anxieties!

5. Take a Dip

Taking a plunge in the swimming pool at an irresistible resort is the ideal stress buster!
The amazing view of the clear blue sky and the natural green surroundings will invigorate your senses. The muscles will loosen and de-stress. Can there be a better way to improve your efficiency?

6. Water Park

If you love water but desire some additional fun, spend time in a water park. Believe me; nothing can boost your mood faster than a water park!
A few hours spent at such a place brings in loads of happiness. The shedding of inhibitions, screaming like never before, childlike laughter – altogether contribute towards undisturbed enjoyment with family.
A water park is 100 percent fantasy!

7. Indoor Activities

Not much of an outdoor fan? Explore indoor activities! They can be as much fun especially a round of table tennis, carom, cards or snooker.
Remember anything that brings a smile to your face and blocks work related thoughts is all that you need to reduce stress.

8. Rain Dance

When was it the last time you rain danced? Dancing in itself can be pure bliss in the right company and right place; and when accompanied with an innovation of artificial rain – viola!
Exciting music in the background, rain falling from above and friends to give company – is indeed a perfect way to let the steam off!

9. Activate the Good Hormones

Sometimes just pouring out your stress to someone can work wonders. A peaceful environment enveloped with several luxurious can trigger the right hormones. One could re-bond and cement relationships.
You may feel motivated to share problems with your loved ones. The listening ear could be a colleague, friend or family. They don’t really have to possess the expertise to resolve the issue. Just being a good listener is enough to blow the steam off and gain equilibrium.

10. It’s Party Time

All work and no play definitely make you dull!
Everyone loves food. Eating right is important but indulging the palate once in a while is certainly allowed. Experiment with exotic cuisines, set your taste buds tingling with delectable savouries and relish lavish buffets.
Party big time! After all, soon you will get back to the mundane routine. So live life to the fullest!


Some work stress is normal but excessive stress can even hamper your performance and productivity. Yes! We all have soaring ambitions to reach the pinnacle. However, it is vital to take necessary steps to save yourself from the negative implications.
It’s time you gave your general well being more importance and acquire the knack to enjoy a less stressed living.


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