10 Yummy Dishes Defining the Best Food in Hyderabad

No matter how big a health freak you may be, once in awhile we all get tired of home food. Give yourself a break from the regular food, and explore the diverse and palatable range of the royal Hyderabadi cuisine.

For those on a visit, the city is famous for its mouth watering biryani, delicious kebabs and scrumptious sweet dishes. You cannot give the best food in Hyderabad amiss!

We bring to you 10 such absolutely yummy dishes that are best made and found in Hyderabad.

1. Lukhmi

Let’s begin with the juicy appetizers. Lukhmi is a complete authentic from Hyderabad having the ability to turn a bad day around!
You cannot leave the city without treating yourself to these small squares of maida stuffed with minced meat. Hot and spicy chutney served as a supplement definitely spikes the delightful flavour.

2. Boti Kebab

Kebab is a recipe synonymous with the city’s reference. Deeply marinated mutton chunks cooked with refreshing herbs is the way to this drooling specialty specialty.
It is a must for every non-vegetarian food lover to try this one. The perfect traditional starter will leave you finger licking!

3. Hyderabadi Haleem

Hyderabadi Haleem
You may have tried stews from several regions but this variation of Hyderabadi food will get your palate hooked!
Hyderabadi Haleem is a hot thick paste prepared from lentils, meat, and dry fruits. It is generally on the menu list during the Ramadan months. The delectable taste will transport you to the era of the Nizams!

4. Mirchi Ka Salan

When you think of Biryani, this dish comes trailing along. Usually relished as an accompaniment with Biryani, Mirchi Ka Salan is sure to kick your senses.
This dish is unique to Hyderabad cuisine. It is extremely hot and pungent. The coconut paste added to the recipe offers it an invigorating flavour.

5. Qabooli Biryani

Don’t mistake this one for just another Hyderabadi Biryani! This vegetarian rice dish has the potential to give a stiff competition to any of its non-vegetarian parallels.
Sizzling soft rice blended with crunchy chana dal makes Qabooli Biryani a hot preference with one and all!

6. Khatti Dal

Khatti Dal

The vegetarians need not lose heart! Hyderabadi cuisine is slightly biased towards meat lovers but there is good food in Hyderabad to indulge your taste buds too.
As the name suggests, Khatti Dal has a pungent flavour thanks to its celebrity ingredient, tamarind. This lentil stew relished with rice is exquisite to the region. The delectable flavour will leave you asking for more!

7. Hyderabadi Khichdi

Do I see a weird expression on your face? Believe it or not, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.
For most of us, the dish Khichdi represents either bad stomach or bland taste! But this much loved Hyderabadi breakfast dish is spicy, gooey and nutritious. The flavour is further augmented when served with lots of pure ghee.

8. Sheer Khurma

No cuisine is complete without mouth watering desserts. After the spicy dishes of Hyderabad, you certainly need to offer your palate this flavour infused sweet.
Essentially a vermicelli and milk dish, Sheer Khurma is prepared during festivals and other special occasions. The sweet is a hit with all age groups. Ensure you order one with dry fruits because their crunchiness adds to the taste of this delicacy.

9. Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani
The mention of Hyderabad seems incomplete without talking about Biryani. Most cliched but one of the yummiest! The best food in Hyderabad is undoubtedly Biryani.
The choice of eating chicken or mutton Biryani lies solely with you but either ways the taste and flavour of this dish is out of the world! Spiked with rich ingredients, this recipe is a hot favourite with the natives. Try it once; you will definitely come back for more!

10. Shahi Tukda

One of the most famous and savoured desserts from Hyderabad is the Shahi Tukda. This is pure ecstasy to your taste buds!
The chief ingredients of this royal sweet are bread and cream. Eat it as you like, hot or cold- the rich taste will leave you wanting to come back to the royal city at the earliest!

Final Word

If you’re a foodie, then Hyderabad is the place for you. Ranging from succulent starters to scrumptious main course dishes to finally mouth watering desserts- the royal city has it all going for you. Indulge your senses and palate with some of the choicest recipes representing the best food in Hyderabad.


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