4 Myths about all-inclusive resorts-Debunked!

There are a lot of misconceptions about all-inclusive resorts that make people question whether they are worth it. After all, choosing the perfect stay destination is what can make or break your vacation, but many times people just dismiss the idea of staying in an all-inclusive resort just because of a few myths, which is really sad since choosing a proper resort can enhance your vacation.  

Here are 4 myths about all-inclusive resorts that are not true, especially if you choose some of the best resorts in Hyderabad.

You’ll be stuck in the Resort. 

Many people believe that staying in an all-inclusive resort will provide them with an experience similar to that of a cruise ship where resort employees will decide every trip and excursions. It is a major turn off for people since many people look forward to exploring the place at their leisure and hate the idea of following a tight schedule during their vacation. 

The truth is that people can always choose between making their arrangements and roam the place themselves, or they can take recommendations from the trusted employees of the resort. Outings planned by resort employees are only there to make things more convenient and straightforward for the customers. The guests are always free to do things their way.    

Generic Food 

People are usually cynical towards the menus of an all-inclusive resort, and it is unfair — all it takes is a little bit of research and proper planning to find resorts that serve exquisite delicacies. The quality of food improves with the quality of the resort. 

Take Dream Valley Resort, for instance. The place offers two designated locations that serve incredibly scrumptious cuisines to the customers. The Exclusive Buffet Zone displays a variety of continental and traditional dishes for the food enthusiasts to indulge in. 

The Multi Cuisine Restaurant offers even more variety than Buffet Zone. People can choose from Mughlai, Chinese, South Indian menus that have been prepared by expert chefs in the resort. 

The chances are that the resort you are staying in might be serving the best food in the area.

Surrounded by families and children

A common misconception is that you’ll always be surrounded by screaming children and overwhelmingly friendly family members in an all-inclusive resort after all these resorts are trying to be as family friendly as hey can be. But this doesn’t mean that nothing falls under the adults-only category. No matter how many families are there in the resort, you’ll still be able to destress entirely without having to worry about kids screaming and messing around you. Such resorts have always made arrangements so that you can enjoy your peace of mind without any disturbances or interference.

The thing about resorts is that they make specific arrangements so that it has something for everyone. Many inclusive resorts will have kids activities for kids where else the adults can participate in sports and cultural events that have been created for adults only.

Not enough variety 

People tend to believe that activities in a resort lack in variety which is far from the truth. As mentioned previously, an all-inclusive resort will make sure that all of their customers are having the best time of their lives. To ensure that people don’t run out of things to do during their stay, resorts organize many different activities so that there is something for everyone.

Let’s have a look at the activities they have planned in Dream Valley Resort. The activities in the resort include adventure sports such as Aqua Zorbing Ball, Bungy Ejection, and Rope Adventure. Each one of these activities is different from each other and have been designed to provide a different level of thrill to different people. The activities don’t just stop at being thrilling. There is a SPA for people who just want to relax, resort parties, water activities and much more.    

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal, and to achieve that any resort will ensure that it’s filled with fun and exciting things to do that’ll keep their customers satisfied and occupied. 

Now that we have dismissed a few of these myths, it will make it easier for you to book a stay in an all-inclusive resort. Though the misconceptions mentioned in this article are the most common ones, thorough research and analysis on these resorts will help you in identifying other misconceptions that many people believe in.


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