4 reasons why you should re-visit Hyderabad

Think that you have seen it all? Hyderabad attracts travel enthusiasts from across the country with its unique charm. The city is so rich in history and culture that even the locals are not fully aware of all the things that the city has to offer. It is quite impossible to explore every aspect of the city in a single trip. Here is a list of 4 reasons why you should definitely plan a revisit to the city.  

  • Food

We all are quite familiar with Hyderabadi biryani by now. In fact, most people associate the city itself with the biriyani. But what about the other cuisines?

Hyderabad is a place where flavour changes with every street that you can find food in. The number of speciality cuisines that it has to offer is infinite and hence it is impossible to experience them all in a single visit.

There are so many underrated cuisines out there that you might miss out on during your initial visit because we all know how overwhelmingly addictive biriyani can be.

Trying out the other non-mainstream dishes like boti kebab, mirchi ka salan, murgh Chandani korma etc. during your re-visit will allow you to develop an appetite for new flavours that you will be experiencing for the first time.

  • Places to visit

Form the ancient architectural marvels to the modern infrastructure there are too many places to visit and visiting them all in a short trip can end up being hectic. The archaeological importance of these structures is enticing enough for you to plan a second trip to Hyderabad.

Almost all the monuments have some sort of historical or cultural importance to them and not being able to visit them all sure does feel a little disappointing.

But what if you could visit all of them? Yes, you can do that by planning a second trip to Hyderabad just for exploring these places. It is more feasible considering that you plan your entire budget around the trip based o and it gives you a valid reason for you to revisit the city.

  • Culture

The rich culture in Hyderabad is due to a massive amalgamation of various traditional cultures with each one of them bringing something unique to its populace. The modern and traditional outlook of the city creates a unique ambiance across it, but sometimes it can often end being too much to take in especially if you are on a tight schedule.

The culture is so diverse that it is probably going to take you a long time before you can immerse yourself in it. Did you know that apart from Telugu there are 6 other major languages spoken in the city or the fact that there are 6 traditional dresses for both men and women, and let’s not forgot the variety of cuisines that are available have their own cultural background?

That’s right even the food here has its own background over here.

That’s not even the end of it, the architecture, arts, literature, and handicraft are some of the other cultural aspects that will tempt you to explore the city more than once.

  • Festivals

Since Hyderabad is such a cultural melting pot of the country the people in Hyderabad do not shy away from celebrating different festivals that these cultures bring along with them.

These festivals are being celebrated in the city throughout the centuries. The communities coexist in harmony and these local festivals offer them numerous occasions to come together and celebrate these vibrant events.

From Makar Sankranti to Muharram the thrilling festivals through the year will keep you from staying away from the city for too long.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to experience the new things that you missed out on your first trip.


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