Why Should You Bring Your Team to a Resort for a Conference

Picturesque, serene and comforting destinations near and far are beckoning. Alas! You have heaps of work at the office to hold you back.

This is the story of almost every professional or entrepreneur in today’s world. Most people dream of getting away from the mundane routine and escaping to a resort with manicured lawns, tastefully designed interiors, facilities to soothe the frazzled soul, and rejuvenate the mind and body holistically.

Studies highlight after consistent toiling of two to three months, 80% of the people find it arduous to focus on their work. The human brain requires recurrent breathers in order to sustain motivational levels. That’s the reason why certain companies choose to merge business with enjoyment by hosting conferences in resorts.

Having a resort meeting offers respite from the regular grind and gets business tasks accomplished in the most productive manner. Resorts are planned in a manner to offer the highest degree of relaxation and gratification to their guests.

We bring to you some very potent reasons why you should bring your team to a resort for a conference.

1. Fresh Sense of Belonging

Meetings offer you a conductive environment


A new surrounding for your meetings gives you a fresh sense of purpose!


Such meetings encourage camaraderie and facilitate bringing the entire team together. It is an opportunity to renew enthusiasm that tends to fade away in the daily rut.

Taking meetings on the road can offer you a conducive environment for creative and innovative ideas to move the business forward. Destination meetings can prove to be a great investment towards the team. The returns are amazing with regard to the growth rate.

2. Ideal Venue for Brainstorming

If the objective is intense brainstorming, a resort during the off-season can prove to be an ultimate location. You can avail first class amenities at realistic prices. Most importantly, the venue will have minimal distractions to pull your members away from the meeting.

3. Feeling of Relief

Relax in peaceful surroundings


Relax and unwind in peaceful surroundings after your meeting!


In present times, most professionals have an exceptionally hectic work schedule, especially heavy on business travels. In comparison to a traditional hotel room, a resort would be a more hospitable choice. The presence of living rooms and kitchen in your space feels a little like home. The experience may actually render your seasoned travelers some respite from the typical business routine.

4. Additional Facilities

The services offered in resorts surpass those given by even the most sought after five-star hotels. There is larger living space topped with ecstatic views of calm, refreshing and green external world. There are other bonuses like spa, yoga centers, golf course, arrangement for various sports activities, and shopping facilities.

5. Resort-Inspired Living

Fun time with your family


Have some fun time with your family after your meeting!


Some companies allow staff to be accompanied by immediate family members to resort meetings. Such resort-inspired living gives the feel of a daily routine. The staff member attends work as regular but comes home to an ambiance that reminds of a vacation with loved ones.
This furnishes an opportunity for busy individuals to work hard, play hard, and enjoy the finer things in life. Remember a happy employee is what takes your business forward.


There was a time when resorts were rated too laid-back for business or considered ill-equipped to handle large groups. Today, several resorts present enticing group offers that are hard to resist.

There is no denying that booking a meeting at a resort comes with a few added complications. One of them is cost and the other accessibility. It definitely can cost you a bit more than a conventional hotel room. Taking your staff out of town for a meeting can be an expensive undertaking but it is undoubtedly worth the effort. Resorts are stress busters. It can render a supplementary dose of rejuvenating experience.

Also, most resorts are not located within a major metro area. So airport transfers or prolonged time for road travel may need consideration.

However, the advantages far outweigh these challenges. Think about it? Why hold the same conventional meeting in the same generic hotel room when you can be relatively more productive in a beautiful rejuvenating resort destination?


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