Why you should choose a destination wedding for your big day

While planning the details of your wedding, one of the first things you have to consider is the location of the wedding, and by extension, what kind of wedding do you want to have- a big celebration with all your family and friends, a small private function with only you two, or something in between the two options. While most people enjoy having everyone they know at their wedding, some people like to keep the guest list only to their family and friends. Your wedding location should be in sync with the kind of wedding you want to have.

One of the most organized and efficient wedding venues is a resort. It is a combination of a traditional and a non-traditional venue, there are many people available to help you plan out the wedding, and most importantly- a resort wedding takes out the stress from your wedding and replaces it with fun and enjoyment for everyone!

Here are a few reasons you should book your wedding at a resort:

1. Your guests can stay and spend time at the resort

sangeeth at dream valley resort

A wedding is usually a big event, with people gathering to meet and give their blessings to the couple. However, when they’re not at the wedding functions, guests can get bored. Also, children with their low attention spans find it difficult to focus on the wedding rituals. For such times, a resort wedding is a great option because of all the activities that are available at the resort for adults and for kids. Every moment can be fun, even when the wedding functions are not going on!

Having a resort wedding also means keeping all your guests together in one place. This improves bonding among your guests as your big day comes closer. It also allows you to spend more time with all the people who have traveled from so far to come to your wedding. A resort wedding is convenient for the couple and for the guests since the location is the same- i.e., there are no last-minute wedding venue confusions for your guests, and they come to your wedding on time.

2. No need to make itineraries for your guests

When you’re having a wedding, it is important to let your guests know which function is when so that they can come to the different functions on time. However, rushing to different events at different locations and times on the same day can be exhausting for your guests as well. When you have your wedding at a resort, there are no need for itineraries! You can tell your guests which function is when, and they will all be there! Since there are so many other activities for your guests to take part in at the same location, you will not have to keep track of your guests all the time!

3. No more transportation costs

During a wedding, it is usually the responsibility of the couple to take care of the transportation arrangements for their guests. Having a resort wedding can help you completely skip out on these extra costs, since your guests can simply walk from where they are staying to the function, and reach in no time. Just imagine how much you can save!

4. Get spoilt for choices

wedding hall1 at dream valley resort

Unlike the wedding scenario a few years back, there are many resorts that cater specifically to your wedding needs. From having multiple packages with different themes and options for customization, to making arrangements that will take your wedding forward smoothly without giving you any stress; these resorts ensure that your wedding is as grand as you dreamt of it. You can choose a package and the staff at the resort will do everything required to make your wedding the best day of your life. A package usually includes all additional services such as florists, music services, caterers, and more. Therefore, you have no extra stress in planning your wedding and cleaning up after its over!

5. Let spectacular views surround you

wedding hall at dream valley resort

Resorts are located at some of the most visually pleasing locations that you can expect to see. Therefore, having stunning panoramas surround you while you have your wedding ceremony is definitely a very big deal! You can choose the backdrop with the most natural beauty for all your wedding pictures. All you need is a location that makes you go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ every time you look at your wedding pictures!

A resort wedding fits most of the requirements for today’s couples. You can get married at the location of your choice with minimal hassles for you and your guests. With so many advantages available for you, get booking your wedding at a resort today!


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