Events you can host at Dream Valley Resorts

Many of you will agree that life does become monotonous and tiring from time to time. We end up following a pattern, a routine and we feel so obligated to continue to do so for weeks together at a stretch. We wake up, go to school, college or work come back and go to bed. If you’re a student, you either hang out with your friends or go to tuition maybe exercise or play a sport. If you’re working, there are chances that your routine is tighter and mostly inflexible. What do we do to prevent this from happening? To keep our mental & physical strength active.It’s beneficial and possible to take mini vacations or do something different away from your workspace. This helps in relaxing your mind and getting out of a boring routine. One of the best options for a mini vacation destination is resorts. Resorts are a great source of entertainment and refreshment for people of any age.At Dream Valley Resort you can do more than just relaxing and lounging, you can host almost all kinds of events. From a corporate style event to weddings, we have venues for everything. Here is the list of few events we have hosted in the past.

Corporate events

It could be either to celebrate a milestone or just planning a get together with your employees to improve the performance or to appreciate good work. Dream Valley has up to 19 venues for various occasions which lets you plan any type or corporate event. Our set up will surely give you the feel of the event you are willing to host. We also provide certain technical types of equipment depending on availability. Host a customer appreciation party for your big customers to appreciate their contributions towards your business. Dream Valley also provides a venue for various charity events. Display your brand into a positive light by hosting a charity event in an environmentally friendly atmosphere and attract media attention by contributing to an important cause. Boost your employee morale by holding out an event for them and honouring them for all the hard work they have done for your company. Host trade shows generate new leads for your brand. Invite clients and employees on holiday parties and get them in a mood to relieve them of the stress. Hold seminars for your managers and employees.


This is the day that so many of us look forward to. Individuals and families dream of celebrating this occasion with great style. Dream Valley passes for a mini destination venue; it’s located in the midst of nature, far away from all the city bustle. Dream Valley has both an indoor and outdoor venue, and you can choose based on your preference and also availability. Our outdoor venue is naturally more sizable than our indoor, but don’t worry our indoor venue is no compromise. Both these venues are designed to provide the feeling of luxury and comfort. When you book our venue for your wedding your guest can even access other amenities such as the waterpark, rides etc.

Recreational Events

Dream Valley Resort also provides quality venues for other recreational events. These events are attending and hosted by almost everyone that loves to socialise. We have helped many people host successful parties and get-togethers in the past. Our team at Dream Valley has always enjoyed and continues to host these events for its customers.

Kitty Party

Enjoy quality time with your girl gang at our beautiful venue in Dream Valley. Invite your guests to our sizable venue, and we bet all of them will go back home with great memories. Our team will help you host your party as per your needs. Indulge in some gossip, games and great food & beverages.

Birthday Party

Are you looking for a place to host your birthday or your child’s birthday? Look no more because dream Valley has the perfect venue. Its grand, fun and all the right things you can imagine, all at one single destination. We will decorate the venue as per your needs and arrange for food and beverages as per requirement. Believe us; this will be one of the most unforgettable birthday parties ever.

Fresher’s Party

Welcoming the new students from the new academic year is also a celebration. Why not celebrate it with style and unlimited fun and no worries? Come to Dream Valley Resort the next time it’s time for a freshers party.




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