How to Maximise Your Weekend Getaway


Have you ever wondered on a Monday morning, where did the weekend disappear? Long and rigid working hours could be a necessity, mandate or self-imposed. Psychotherapists highlight the profound impact of hectic professional schedules on health, mental state and relationships. It is essential to decompress, unwind, and relax.

It may be just 48 hours but a weekend getaway is high on therapeutic value. Weekend getaways are ideal for those who are into hectic, full-time jobs but love to explore their surroundings whenever the time permits. Weekend travellers don’t have the liberty to spend days or weeks at a specific location. So they need to concentrate on experiencing a place to the fullest in just a few hours.

Travelling on the weekend can be as rewarding as a more extended trip. We share with you a few tips that will help you enjoy the place as much as someone who can spend weeks there.


1.     Identify a Destination

When taking a weekend getaway, it is imperative to plan effectively before the trip. Location certainly requires research. Decide where you would like to go and what you desire to do in this short break. Choose your base accordingly. Make all reservations in advance. Ensure you have a robust framework in place before your travel. The smaller aspects can fill in the gaps.

Refrain from choosing destinations that are very far. With the limited amount of time available, opt for places that require less travel.


2.     Maximise the Stay

Maximise your time while you are at the location. Divide your schedule into 60 percent sightseeing, 30 percent dining, and 10 percent sleep.

Ensure you have 2 nights to yourself. It’s bliss to wake up on a Saturday morning and know that you have the whole day to yourself. So, wriggle out on a Friday afternoon or evening.

People often feel if they are leaving on Sunday, they don’t have sufficient time to do anything that day. Be an early riser and make the most of that day.


3.     Plan Solo or Invite Company

Solo travels have their own charm. The ‘me’ time is ideal for introspection, reflection and understanding where your life is heading. On the other hand, we all know ‘the more, the merrier’. Company is always fun especially when it’s with like-minded people or family. Such trips offer you the platform to reconnect and strengthen bonds.


4.     Have an Itinerary Ready But Leave Space for Spontaneity

This aspect requires careful balancing. Packing the weekend too full may result in pressure and stress to accomplish the to-do list. On the contrary, doing nothing at all will make the weekend seem unproductive.

Planning the must-see items is good. Have a list ready on places you want to visit and restaurants you desire to eat at; so that you have a handy itinerary while you are exploring the destination. The more research you conduct, the better choices you will have during the getaway.

However, don’t feel disappointed if some to-do things are missed out. After all, the ultimate objective is to enjoy. Leave some time to roam around without any plans. It’s always more refreshing to explore a place with your senses than a guidebook.

Instead of trying to pack a million things in a small weekend getaway, leave room for spontaneous decisions. Such aspects will make your break much more enjoyable.


5.     Aim For a Comfortable Stay

Enhance your getaway by staying in comfortable accommodations with good restaurants. Discover places near your home. We generally tend to overlook attractions within a few hours of our reach when planning vacations. Weekend getaways furnish the opportunity to explore exotic locations just a drive away.


6.     Change Your Outlook

Change your thinking that the weekend is too short to enjoy. Focussing on such negative thoughts will prevent you from enjoying the getaway. Make a conscious decision to turn off your work mode on Friday evening. Stop feeling guilty for relaxing and enjoying. Unplug and aim for a digital detox.

Don’t waste your time sleeping. Oversleeping will rob you of your precious time. Since you have limited time, make the most of it. If you feel tired, take power naps during the day.

Even if it means just 2 days, don’t forgo this opportunity. Plan but be flexible. Make the most of every minute. Of course it’s tiring to return to the office on Monday morning, but honestly, it’s all part of the experience and worth the effort.



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