It’s time to take a break from technology!

There has been a rapid growth in technology over the past three decades. It just took us about 30 years to transition from IBM PCs to our modern smartphones which are million times more powerful. We are increasingly becoming addicted to technology every day. Our entire lives revolve around social media and digital apps which are so convenient and addicting that it’s hard to stay away even for 5 minutes.

Spending a day or two away from your cell phone and the computer might be the break that you needed to digitally detoxify yourself from the evil yet alluring essence of those bright colorful pixels. You can easily break free from these virtual shackles and experience the real beauty that has always been around you.

Spending some time amidst nature can give you a lot of perspective on the little things that you have been ignoring all this time. You might wonder why does it have to be the nature of all the other possible things. Because there is no technology involved in nature, now we don’t want to completely give up on civilization and start living in the wild, hunters and gatherers style. We don’t have to do something strenuous such as rock climbing or river rafting. All you need to do is to relax and leave your electronic devices behind so that there is no constant ringing and buzzing that is going bother you in your solitude. This will allow your brain to recharge and reduce your stress level. There are many ways that you can enjoy nature without making it too adventurous.

Taking in the scenery

Research has shown that observing scenic views such as a sunrise can help in reducing stress while improving mood at the same time. It has other perks such as boosting performance at work, enhancing focus and dealing with anxiety.

There is no need for you to plan a trek for experiencing the best sunrise in the city. Just taking a stroll through the park or visiting the beach will provide you with enough scenery that’ll make you appreciate nature. Leaving your iPods and smartphones at home will only enhance the experience.

Vacation in a nature resort

Planning a vacation at any nature resort can offer a combination of relaxation and leisure. It might prove to be a unique get away from the usual industrial landscape that you are so used to seeing in the cities. Relaxing with your tropical cocktail on the sun stunned porch while enjoying the quality hospitality will provide you with the sensation of living in a paradise. On top of that these resorts also offer a considerable array of indulging activities which will keep your mind off your gadgets.


Planning a picnic provides a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Eating meals in the open air while catching up on each other over small relaxing conversation can serve as a great stress buster. It is cost effective and doesn’t require much effort. Picnics encourage socializing and participating which is entirely different from being glued to screens while living an anti-social life away from your family and friends.


When was the last time that you experienced complete tranquillity away from the noisy and luminescent streets of the city? Studies have shown that enjoying some experiences such as the sound of a stream and the smell of the woods can do wonders for psychological factors such as blood pressure, stress etc. Camping induces problem-solving skills in real life situations, leads to exercise, and produces a general sense of adventure without putting you at risk. Laying under the stars while enjoying the bonfire will make you forget about all the social media posts and twitch streams as you’ll be overwhelmed by the exotic landscape around you.


You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take pictures of nature for yourself. Just plan a trip to the woods and start taking pictures of everything that you find intriguing. You might end up discovering new things that you didn’t know about before. There is a vast ecosystem out there, and the possibility of capturing something unique is endless. But if it’s too much effort for you, then you can go to a zoo and engage in taking pictures of strange and beautiful creatures that inhabit our planet. Leaving the comfortable sweet embrace of your chair might seem a little daunting at first, but as you go out and start exploring the surreal wilderness, you’ll be amazed by the number of things that are more interesting than watching cute videos of cats all day.

Though we cannot ignore the dependency of our society on technology as it is an integral part of our day to day life, which is not a bad thing but exploring the nature can provide you with a change of pace from your normal routine.


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