Just your bagpack and you-Solo Travelling

Travelling is truly life-changing and who you travel with makes all the difference. When you travel with your friends or family, you have experiences that you might not have when you’re travelling alone. This shouldn’t come in the way of making your decision to travel alone. Travelling teacher you to explore, love, rediscover yourself and appreciate life in general. Solo travel experiences make you think in a new way about yourself and the world. To be able to go around the world is an exciting and exhilarating thought. Let’s not forget how we plan our Instagram feed well in advance and our outfits for each day and so on.

  1. Rediscover yourself– This is one of the first reasons to travel by yourself. It’s important that as people, we have to keep growing and learning about the world and ourselves. When you go to a place far away from home, you tend to re-evaluate your decisions and choices in your everyday lifestyle. Your way of thinking changes and it also broadens your horizons. You start to learn new things about yourself such as things that you recently discovered you like or dislike, new activities that you probably didn’t even know existed. Although these might sound like things, you can find just being in one place, believe us you can’t. It takes a lot of travelling to be able to know what it’s like to step outside your comfort zone. It’s hard in the beginning to break the comfort walls that you have created, but once you can do so, you will know that your life has been changed for good.
  2. A great stress buster– Your everyday life gets monotonous from time to time, and you feel out of place so the best thing to do would be to take a break and plan a solo vacation. A solo vacation will help you release stress in ways that a group vacay may not. This is essential because you are away from all the people you know and there is no scope of being reminded of what your monotonous life is like. Meeting new people and doing new things or even doing nothing at all will distract you from the stress you are going through, helping you remember the true meaning of life. If you plan to go on a hike and indulge yourself in many such activities, you will keep yourself occupied and never get bored. Indulging in activities will prompt happiness and release the right amount of endorphins keeping you away from stressful thinking. Finish your day with some chilled martinis and fall asleep like a baby.
  3. Your mental health is far more resilient– It is no secret that while travelling alone, there are more obstructions & pitfalls than when you go with others. Challenging yourself and overcoming the difficult situations will help your mind reflect quickly and make you tougher. Everyone faces mental issues at some point in life, and this is quite common given that we live in an extremely exigent world. There are thousands of reasons for mental stress, but a few limited options such as travelling has worked wonders for so many people. When it comes to travelling on your own, you are bound to come across new people who think and act differently. This forces you to change your ways which is not necessarily a bad thing. You must realise that dealing with such situations will teach you patience and tolerance which are the two most important things in life. Travel veterans come across so many terrifying experiences, travellers have lost their most important belongings like cash, passport, clothes, etc. These have ideally made them a better person in terms of dealing with the situation more calmly and being less attached to material things.
  4. You are the boss of your itinerary– In most cases, travelling with others means you have to have a planned and compromised itinerary. Especially when it’s a big group of travellers, it’s tough to plan the whole trip based on only what you like to do. Even after immense planning things might not exactly go accordingly, and this will lead to chaos and conflict between the travellers. This is not the case when you travel alone since there is no one to blame or getting blamed by. You can plan your whole journey spontaneously or in advance; it’s all up to you and only you. You start to enjoy your own company, and you won’t feel the need or have the choice to depend on somebody else. All the decisions you will be making, whether big or small, you can make a choice. You will uncover new things to do and new places to go to, although you must know that you have to be safe at all times. This point also includes the fact that you tend to spend way lesser when you travel solo. Since you are alone and willing to adjust, you will save excessively.
  5. You’ll meet new people and make potential friends– When you’re all set to travel to a particular destination away from home, you are bound to meet and mingle with new people. If it’s a new place in a new state altogether, you will have a lot of things to speak about to the locals. In most cases, you will notice that locals, especially in tourist-driven places are very friendly and warm. They are willing to talk and help you, so if you think you need anything, feel free to walk up to the locals. You will also come across other fellow travellers who might either be backpackers or would have come as a group. Many of these people might be more like-minded than anyone you work with or even live with. Ou will come to realise that these could be your potential friends. Even in cases where you’re not like-minded, you will still learn to be open-minded to other people and their stories.
  6. Builds your confidence and makes you creative– When you travel to far off places and decide to stay there for weeks and months together, you have to start adapting the local culture and ways. In doing so, you are training your mind to new and challenging things that you would have never done before. Similarly, there is a connection between travelling and creativity. You might have to think differently and creatively when you’re stuck in a situation and you’re on this journey alone. This helps your mind and ideas grown. You must know that you can’t expect the same outcome if you go on a mini vacation or to someplace that is already like your native.

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