How to plan the perfect wedding menu

The month of December sees a surge in weddings throughout the city. And while the wedding itself is a happy occasion, planning for it can be exciting yet stressful! We have all had our dreams of a perfect wedding, held at the perfect venue, with all the details perfectly in place, including- photographers, outfits, guest lists, and so on! But we often underestimate one of the most important aspects of a wedding: food. In a guest’s mind what separates a good wedding from an amazing wedding is the food served at the wedding.

In this article, we take you through how to plan for the best wedding menu for your wedding:

1. Think like your guests-

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Keep your guests in mind while deciding the wedding meals!

Take your guest list for the wedding and figure out if there are any people with special food preferences/allergies, etc. Once you are clear about that, think of your guest list as a whole and try to determine what kind of food do majority of them like. This will give you an insight into what kind of cuisine you should go for at the wedding. Keep small details in mind, such as- would your guests prefer a live ‘chaat’ counter, or an extensive dessert counter, or both? Figure out the right combination of appetizers, main course, and desserts to keep your guests happy.

2. Choose a theme with your venue-

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Choose your wedding food based on your theme!

Plan out a theme for your wedding according to the venue you select. The food for the wedding is also usually according to the theme you decide. Although it may not always be the case, it gives a better feel to the wedding if the theme and the food complement each other. One of the favorite menu items has been a hi-tea, where different flavors of tea are served with small refreshments for you and your guests to partake. For lunch, traditional food is the most popular, with various vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to keep your guests satisfied. For dinner, a buffet spread comprising both Indian and continental cuisines work best, and you can add separate counters for popular items such as ‘chaat’ and dessert. The goal is to give your guests a different experience for every meal, so preferably no dishes should be repeated.

3. Decide on which food to serve at what time-

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Divide your food choices according to the wedding functions!

Choosing what cuisine to pick is not enough. Different weddings have different functions at different times, and people will be expecting different foods at those times. For ex- if there are any performances happening that people would want to watch, several ‘sit-down’ tables are the best choice. However, if the guests are actively participating in any of the functions, such as dance performances, the snacks need to be served at the guests’ location. The key is to mix local and global to create the perfect balance in food.

An important thing to remember is to pick the food for your wedding based on the length of each function happening on that day/night. If the wedding is leisurely, keep plenty of live counters where the guests can interact with each other while they watch the food be prepared. For a wedding with time limitations, you can serve a welcome drink and lead your guests to the all-encompassing buffet. Desserts hold a special place in most people’s hearts, so take care of what you include as your dessert. For more details about the perfect venue that provides you with all you need for your wedding, contact us.


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