Resort and Monsoons! A great idea or a bad combination?

Monsoons bring life, colour and a much-required break from the heat of summers. When the heavens open up the skies, the dusty brownfields become so vibrant and green, and everything seems a little bit more beautiful. Unlike the popular belief travelling during monsoons, is more rewarding than regular travel. It’s a real delight to see spontaneity in nature.

rainy season with coffee

So if you’re travelling during monsoons, then resorts are a true getaway. You can explore the nearby forests in a jeep or on foot. The amount of fun and adventure you will have is no match for what you might have during a typical sunny day. You’ll see things from a different perspective, admiring every minute details of nature. Remember to pack your raincoat and umbrella, if you don’t want to catch a cold. Just admiring the way raindrops fall will soothe your mind and calm you deeply. Nature has a therapeutic effect. Waterfalls are at their prime during the monsoon; enjoy their beauty if there is one near you.


If you are not the adventurous type, you can sit back and relax. Enjoying the peace and greenery that the monsoon has to offer is more than enough. Along with some hot chai and snacks, your day is complete. Have a book with you, and read it if it rains heavily. If you are bored, you can sail paper boats in the water puddles and rediscover your childhood. You can also play board games with friends and family. This is an excellent way to bond and a good time killer. With monsoon come the seasonal snacks like pakoras and corn cobs. So pamper your taste buds by trying these out.


If you are of the adventurous type, camping is an excellent option for you. Set the tents and start living  your life like a real adventurer. You can explore unusual places like nearby villages, dams(if not on alert), caves (if any), temples, etc. Visit some nearby plantations and learn about the secrets of growing such plants from the farmers. Don’t forget to bring your A-Game. Play football with your friends while it rains! Find some snails and jump in some puddles.


You can admire the view from a nearby hilltop and get into a trance. Dance in the rain and get drenched. You can also set out for trekking and mountain biking if your place is suitable. The coolest thing about monsoon is you can beat the heat, enjoy the view and chill all without worrying about sun-tan. Make sure you opt for trains while travelling around the nearby places so that you get an excellent view of nature. Unfortunately, monsoons are usually associated with dampening spirits, and severe weather. Most people find monsoons to be inconvenient. However, the season rejuvenates the earth and fills the ecology with life, making it one great time to travel and observe life as it is and in transformations.


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