Turn This Quarantine Into Quality Time

A few months ago, none of us had actually anticipated to experience or witness such a sudden turn of events. But hey, don’t be upset or disappointed because you don’t get to meet your best friends, hangout at your favourite place or go to theatres to have a chilled out weekend. Try to look at the brighter side, after all every calamity or a difficult time has an opportunity to offer and has a positive side to it. Your life had been so busy, and so stressful because of work, college or various other reasons. Do you remember when was the last time you got to execute your plan that was long due? It could be, reading a book, organizing things at home, learning to cook, acquiring a new skill and so much more. You don’t remember, do you? 

To help you lessen your burden of feeling caged or that you don’t know what to do being home, here are a few suggestions we have jotted down for you. 


Family Time Is Precious

We are so tied up with our personal work and priorities that you’re just compelled to give more time and attention to it. It isn’t like you don’t give ample time to your family but then we just tend to procrastinate the very idea of spending time with them. During this lockdown, sit down with your family, eat three meals a day with them, talk to them about how life has been for you so far, sit and reminisce old memories. I bet you there’s nothing more refreshing than that.


Learn Something Extraordinary

We plan to learn a new language, new hobby or a skill or how to cook something that is unique and scrumptious but we never do so because our hectic life hasn’t permitted us to do so. If you’re not working from home or do not have other professional work to attend to then you’ve got ample time in your hands to take advantage of this opportunity and learn something new. Start off with something very simple and not which will end up stressing you out. Take baby steps and when you master it in this period, you’re going to thank yourself for taking the time out and living up to your own expectations,


Incorporate Physical Activity

You’re busy, tired & exhausted and then you decide to start a very simple 15-minutes workout from tomorrow. Has it not happened? Hasn’t the cycle continued? How many times have you procrastinated your workout routine? This is the time! You have enough time to work on your body, burn calories and get in shape. So what if you can’t hit the gym? There are so many tutorials on various platforms that will help you and guide you. 

Go easy on yourself. After all its your body and you’re the only one who has to take care of it.

This is a difficult time for everyone and it shall pass too. We are all in this together and we shall overcome it with confidence and perseverance.



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