Corporate Dinner

Need to celebrate a milestone, or arranging a simple get together with employees or associates or clients, based on the size of your guests we have 19 venues that suit this kind of occasion.

Customer Appreciation Parties

Customer retention is the focus of any business. Let your customers know how much you appreciate them by hosting an event just for them.

Charity Functions

Charity events highlight your brand in a positive way, the total environment friendly atmosphere is a big plus it attracts media attention, and allows you to give something back to an important cause.

Product Launches

Our spacious lawns or a pool side are ideally suitable to get your product launch, invite customers or press we can accommodate all.

Board Meetings

These prestigious meetings let you cover your company’s recent progress and discuss future goals and strategies, in an atmosphere that is completely natural, at a little distance away from the city.

Press Conferences

apt place to display your products or to launch a new one the resort I ideally suited, for important business issues, or to launch new marketing campaigns.

Award Ceremonies

No better way to boost employee morale than hosting an event to honor them for all of the things they’ve done for your company.

Happy Hours

The pressure of work taking a toll on the employees, get them in the mood with a company-hosted happy hour event.

Trade Shows

Hosting a trade show is a great way to position your brand as an industry leader and to generate new leads. The open space and the eco friendly atmosphere make it a big plus.

Best Party venues in Hyderabad - Dream Valley Resorts

Holiday Parties

The holidays present the perfect opportunity to throw a great party where you can invite clients, prospects, media members, and employees.



The ideal place in a serene surrounding to hold Seminars and educational events for managers, employees, or even the general public.

VIP Events

Make your best customers feel special by hosting exclusive VIP events just for them. These events can be things like sneak previews of new products or special private sales. The entertainment amenities at the resort, will further enhance the event feel.