Ethnic Cottages

These well designed cottages remind us of days of yore, surrounded by greenery in an atmosphere that brings freshness. The pavement is full of trees and shrubs, so lush so green. The colors of the interiors are soothing to the eyes and the senses, the stay becomes truly comfortable, and the memories you carry will stay with you for long.

Executive Rooms

The well anointed rooms, which are just the need of the hour, for a comfortable and stress free stay, in an eco-friendly environment. The Ac rooms with a view of the water park have the lush green lawns under you, with a private dining area. The feeling of comfort gets you once you step inside the room, after spending a night here you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Family Rooms

The well designed deluxe rooms that accommodate a family of 4 and 5 if children are more. These rooms are just the right fit for a family on a budget. Here the view is excellent and one can feel the natural surroundings and give in to serene atmosphere. With two double beds in it 4 can sleep comfortably, the entire family can have a ball.

Dream Valley Resorts Room sofa

Private Farm Houses

For the ones who would like to be close to nature yet in luxury, the Villas are built just for that, whether it is a small or a large group, all will have fun. The tastefully designed interiors combine luxury and soothe the senses, you can be rest assured. With an attached kitchenette you can brew our own cup of coffee/tea. The lush green lawns around in the open area with the sky above and cool atmosphere is a sure shot invitation for a barbecue.


For those who gel with the outdoors, tents are just the right proposition, in a serene environment that takes you to a different world altogether. The tents can accommodate up to 6 adults with a private bathroom of your own. It is all nature and no pollution. This place will leave you yearning for more.

Dream Valley Resorts - Water Park resort

Suite 16

A single unit of 16 well anointed rooms where you Experience the new age executive luxury in the heart of nature at Dream Valley Resorts. This is the first and best choice for a comfortable and stress free stay in the eco-friendly environment. It’s not just the royal facilities, amenities and services that attract you, but you’ll also be attracted by the, lush green lawns, an independent board room, a private swimming pool and a private dining area.

Executive Rooms are designed for relaxation as soon as you step inside. A stay in one of these rooms is sure to make you free from all the tiredness and refreshes your energy to the fullest!