The Perfect Destination for Your Next Family Outing

The Perfect Destination for Your Next Family Outing

Family outings have always been more like the picnic types. It’s just about lazing around, having good food, going on mini-adventures and playing some games; basically, we get to have fun together. Resorts in Hyderabad for a family outing is a perfect choice for such a memorable experience. Dream Valley Resorts, which is located very close to the city, has world-class facilities and fun amenities to check out

Dream Valley Resorts

Before we get to understand why Dream Valley Resorts is one of the best Family Outing Places in and around Hyderabad , let’s talk about the place. Spread across 38 acres of greenery and located near the city, Dream Valley helps you enjoy the bliss of nature while also not having to travel far away. There are several room types that you can choose based on your preference, number of members and budget. When it comes to amenities, from sports to swimming pools, you have got a ton load of exciting things to explore. Here are some more factors that make Dream Valley the perfect destination for a family outing.

Amenities to perfect your family outing

Swimming pool - The resort has a huge swimming pool which makes for a perfect spot to unwind and relax for your family members. With some sun loungers, you can also relax on the side of the pools. Pools are also kid-friendly. An activity that all members of the family can enjoy is the best of family outings, and Dream Valley has got you covered.

Indoor and outdoor games - Each individual has a different taste. Even if one is out on a family outing, some may prefer playing table tennis over cricket or basketball. But a few others may like the outdoor games. If you get to enjoy both, there is nothing better than that. Dream Valley has space constructed specifically for outdoor games like a basketball court, while also indoor facilities to play chess, carrom board, table tennis and more.

Kids’ play area - The family outing may feel incomplete without letting the kids enjoy their world. With swings, slides and more fun equipment, the kids’ play area is a children’s heaven.

Food - Food should be both tasty and healthy, and it matters more during family outings than any other get-togethers. Breakfast is complimentary at Dream Valley, the lunch buffet is the best and you can also enjoy your dinner at the multi-cuisine restaurant. With organically sourced vegetables, the fine chefs at Dream Valley bring to you a range of foods and wonderful desserts.

Water park - The water park located within the resort is the most fun you can have. With both water and dry games available, you can enjoy the mini-beach, the mushroom waterfalls, the slippery water slides and more.

Nature walks and mini-picnics - With the green lawn all around, the trees and scenic views, you can go for guided nature walks and mini-picnics and even watch beautiful sunsets and sunrise. Exploring the beauty of nature along with your family members is a blissful experience after all.

Family Gatherings

In life, these small gatherings make bonds even more special. At Dream Valley, you can especially celebrate your little moments with your loved ones. Surrounded by greenery, the place offers you picturesque locations that add more beauty to your beautiful memories. These gatherings can be both intimate ones or large-scale family celebrations, Dream Valley offers you spaces for any kind of celebration with access to many amenities.

Wrapping Up

Good food, a swimming pool, outdoor games and a theme park! You have different rooms, accommodating nuclear families to joint families. You can even host small but luxurious family get-togethers at resorts. The family outing can’t get more fun and comfortable, which is exactly why Dream Valley Resorts is the perfect destination for your next family outing.